Getting Started Right

At Child’Space Hoboken, we address all areas of your baby’s development: gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, vision, speech and language.  You will learn to stimulate your baby’s insatiable curiosity by guided movement and instructive touch—touch being your baby’s first language.

The Child’Space Method, created by internationally recognized educator, Dr. Chava Shelhav, helps develop meaningful interaction between you and your child from day one. You will learn how to truly observe, recognize and listen to the little steps that prepare for the developmental milestones that lie ahead.  Once you sense how your baby learns, you will become adept at giving your child the essential  space  to develop at their own particular pace. You will develop confidence and trust in your own parenting skills as you help your baby expand and delight in her/his growing movement repertoire. For more information see Child’Space FAQ.

Child’Space Hoboken will help you and your baby with:
  • No Fuss Tummy-Time
  • Rolling & Crawling
  • Coming to Sit and Stand
  • Walking
  • Torticollis
  • Self-Soothing Strategies
  • Vocalization

Gentle Help

Suzanne’s Child’Space approach helped Mathias, who had been born prematurely, get moving, gain balance and avoid having to use a helmet.

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Nurturing Support

Learn how after just two sessions eight-month-old Mikhael regained movement and was consistently rolling over both from his belly to his back and from back to front.

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