Balance, Strength & Flexibility

The Move2Live Method integrates the flexibility and strength-building benefits of yoga with the “good movement” fundamentals of the Feldenkrais Method. By learning how to detect and avoid strain, your practice will become effortless, pleasurable and injury-free. Together we’ll explore your habitual patterns of contraction and holding, identifying specific poses to help you heal and find better balance.

The Move2Live Method focuses on gentle hands-on adjustments, guided imagery and flexible breathing. Novel breath exercises will help release chronic stress and anxiety as well as significantly reduce pain and discomfort. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to attend to yourself in a new way, leading to a deeper mindfulness on and off the mat. For more information go to Therapeutic Yoga FAQ page.

The Benefits:

  • Enhance and improve your yoga practice – safely
  • Build core stability and overall body tone
  • Increase flexibility and balance
  • Reduce muscular tension and stress

Improved Mobility

Ken White has made great strides overcoming balance issues by improving his posture, walking and overall mobility.

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Moving Better. Feeling Better

Angela Smith studied yoga with Suzanne to help her with scoliosis since she was 11. Now this college student is moving and feeling better than ever.

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