Frequently Asked Questions

Felde what?

No, it’s not a German beer or a New Age cult. The Feldenkrais Method® is a somatic (mind/body) movement practice. Based on how babies learn by playfully and effortlessly following their natural curiosity, the method uses gentle movement and instructive touch to re-educate your nervous system so that you can function at your highest level. While it may sound confusing, it’s not. Click to go to Feldenkrais 101.

How does the Feldenkrais Method® work?

It magnifies your body awareness by teaching you to pay attention to how you habitually move. This increased awareness triggers your brain to create new neural pathways that re-establish optimal movement patterns and function. You’ll learn to move more comfortably and efficiently without needless muscular tension and improve self-use — how you sit, stand, bend, twist, reach and walk. The bottom line: you’ll learn to move the way you were always meant to move.

Can anyone participate?

There are no limits on age or physical conditions. Anyone in virtually any physical condition can benefit. Sessions address your deep-seated movement habits, your special needs and individual circumstances. Feldenkrais can complement physical therapy and other treatment modalities. But if you have a serious medical issue, please first check with your doctor.

What can it do for me?

Feldenkrais can help you in many ways whether you’re in chronic pain or simply want to improve your general coordination and well-being. Ultimately you become more flexible, adaptable and resilient.

Typically it works to:
  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation & better sleep
  • Improve balance, posture and general movement
  • Relieve chronic and acute pain from joint and muscular-skeletal issues, including back, neck, shoulder, hip, wrist, knee and ankle injuries
  • Reduce difficulties caused by central nervous system disorders such as post traumatic stress, stroke and Parkinson’s.
What else can Feldenkrais do for me?

It can enhance your athletic ability:

  • Improve your golf swing or tennis game
  • Improve your form, speed and stride in running, hiking and swimming

It can expand your performance skills:

  • Improve voice and breath control for singers and actors
  • Prevent or reduce repetitive stress syndrome issues for musicians and dancers

How is it different than other forms of exercise?

Yoga, Pilates and weight-lifting, for example, often tend to focus on form rather than function. Activities like cross-fit training, running and dancing tend to push the body so that it ignores its own wisdom. Does “no pain, no gain” or “push it to the limit” sound familiar?

In contrast, Feldenkrais focuses on developing your own sensory skills and fine-tuning your body awareness rather then on mindless repetition. Movements are slow because the smaller you make the movement and the “less” you do, the more your brain will be able to sense fine but vital distinctions. This deep experiential sensing helps your brain to spontaneously reorganize your movement so that it becomes smooth, easy and pain-free.

Any fitness activity you enjoy from Yoga to Pilates to any work-out will dramatically improve by integrating the techniques of the Feldenkrais Method.

How is it different from massage or chiropractic treatment?

Massage therapists and chiropractors seek to create change by working directly with either the muscles or the vertebra of the spine. These are structural approaches that seek to affect change through changes in structure.  The Feldenkrais Method works with your ability to regulate and coordinate your movement, which means working with the nervous system and the whole person. Just like that old song says: “The foot bone is connected to the heel bone. The heel bone connected to the ankle bone…” Every bone in your skeleton is connected to another bone and cannot be viewed in isolation but in relationship to the whole.

How are practitioners trained?

Practitioners must be certified by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America and have completed an accredited 4-year training program. At Move2Live, Suzanne has invested hundreds of hours of specialized training beyond her initial certification. See Credentials.

Will there be an immediate impact from taking a class or session?

Yes, but it depends on your objective. In your first session, you will have an in-depth evaluation and consultation to determine your goals. Move2Live sessions can often reduce stress and/or relieve pain immediately. You might feel taller, lighter and more relaxed—more at ease in your body and in yourself. However, if you’ve been in an accident or suffer from a chronic issue, additional sessions will be necessary. Improvement is usually gradual but steady because changing a life-time habit is a process, not a quick-fix. The Move2Live approach always includes simple exercises that you can do on your own to continue improving and addressing your issues.

How many classes or sessions will I have to take?

It totally depends on the issues at hand. Some students attend weekly or biweekly sessions while others come periodically as needed.

Can I practice Feldenkrais on my own or do I always need a teacher?

Our goal at Move2Live is to make you self-sufficient so that you will become your own teacher. With each session or class, you will gain the confidence and necessary tools to pay attention to your body, reset your patterns and maintain your optimal quality of life.

How is it taught?

Move2Live offers weekly classes, workshops and private sessions. Our weekly classes are limited to six people. We also hold workshops that focus on specific themes such as back pain, TMJ and stress reduction. Individual sessions focus on applying light, precise touch to address particular problems. To see what format works best for you, see Services. For classes and upcoming events, see Schedule.

How can I learn more about Feldenkrais?

Please visit our Resource Library for curated articles, research and videos.

What are the costs?

Classes are 1-1.5 hours and cost from $25. Workshops run from 2-3 hours and range in cost from $50-$75. Private sessions start at $135 to $200 each, depending on location. Packages for multiple sessions are available.

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